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In today's world, there is an increasing and intense demand for seamless and easy team file management, sharing, modification, and synchronization across multiple platforms and computers. More than ever, individuals are working at their office, home, or even on the road using their workstation computers remotely or working on their laptops. Consequently, there is an absolute demand for software that will enable teams to easily manage, share, modify, and synchronize files at any given location. Te@mSync is the solution to your problems and will exceed all your expectations and more!

Te@mSync is an advanced decentralized software application that enables teams to share folders across multiple platforms and computers using Peer-to-Peer networking. Instead of following the traditional client server architecture and relying heavily on the server infrastructure, file sharing and synchronization now resides at and between each computer or peer. This eliminates the enormous dependency on the server, better utilizes the resources of all the peers, and serves as an optimal secondary and backup solution since files are located at the peers.

Te@mSync will provide lazy synchronization, local storage of shared directories and files, and controls read and write access. Users will not be required to manually update or commit files to a centralized server-based Team directory. The Client will automatically synchronize the shared files on the Users computer when other Users have made modifications. It will also control write access to ensure only one User is writing to a file while enabling other Users read access.

Automatically Synchronize Files.
No need to monitor files personally. Just run Te@msync and it'll automatically do all the management of files.

Secure and private.
Files are not stored on one central server so you can ensure only you and those you share them with can access them.

Integrated with Windows.
Te@msync merges with Windows XP/Vista so the environment is familiar for any Windows users.

Remotely download files.
Access files from any computer through the internet. Now, you do not need to have Te@mSync installed on every computer.

Easy Collaboration.
Allows people to share and work on documents together with a check-in and check-out model to ensure only one person can modify the file while others can access it. Te@msync will ensure that the files will not be modified by anyone else.

Remotely modify and view Microsoft Office Documents.
Thanks to ThinkFree's technology, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel documents can now be modified through a web browser that has support for Java. Now computers without Microsoft Office installed, can edit and view Office documents.

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